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Old masters, modern interiors

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Muurmeesters @ Home

We like it that you are as enthousiast as us about the placement
The Muurmeesters is in it's place :))
We are very happy with the Muurmeester and the given advises
Wytske en Frits
So happy with the colours and size!
The Merry Drinker gives our modern interior a historic touch, which fits perfectly with the character of our house, a monument in the centre of Dordrecht. It also happens to be that the painting has been made around the same period as our house was build. And on top of that, it turns out that Frans Hals is in our familiy-line!
Anita Verdonk
After living near by the sea for years, we've moved to Arnhem. At Muurmeesters we found this beautiful sea-sight. The colors match our interior and now we have our ocean-view back. Our compliments for the fast delivery and the clear info on the site for assembling the Muurmeester
As promised, a picture of my Muurmeester. I am so happy with it!
Liesbeth Van der Wilt
The Muurmeester covers almost the whole wall, very nice! Eventhough it’s a large image, it gives a peaceful view. My compliments for the simple assembly and the quality of the image on this size. especially because the original is so small. We had to give it some thought before we made the expence, but it’s very much worth it’s money. We are very happy with it.
Fam. van Putten
Last Thursday we received the Banquet Still Life. The picture is wonderful and we are very happy with it! The picture hangs in the cantina of our academy, where we host our seminar guests. We are really happy with the picture.
Petra Ernst / Technikum Wien - university of applied sciences
Thanks for the quick delivery. Super cool! We're having another old chair refurbished with the pink color from the painting and the picture is complete.
What a result, changing the frame! Just as happy with my summer canvas from Muurmeesters as with my flowers!
Sandra / Finntage
Very happy with a Dutch Master from Muurmeesters! Almost impossible to distinguish from real
Jet / _____jet
Acoustic girl in the grass, we are in love!
The large formats are great. Our foreign and national visitors admire the masters.
Eleonara / Mandala
I wanted to give the residents color. Nicely combined in this Van Gogh Muurmeester
Frans, VT Wonen
Top quality and smooth delivery to our store Küche und Genuss in Ravensburg
Claudia / Duitsland
So cool to be able to change frames!
Marian Fijninhuis

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