Adolf Karel Maximilian Engel

The painter Adolf Charles Maximilian Engel, 1801-1833
The life of Adolf Engel
Adolf was born on 24 December 1801 in Kortrijk, from an old Swedish family. At a young age Adolf and his family moved to Gent. Here he began his training as a lawyer to follow in the footsteps of his father, M.Ph.A Engel van der Laen.

However, at a very young age, Adolf spent all his free hours drawing and painting. When it turned out that Adolf had talent for this, he was allowed to stop studying law. In 1832 he even won a price for his work.

Unfortunately, Adolf became depressed and ended his life on 24 August 1833.
The work of Adolf Engel
Adolf Engel left behind a large collection of study material from the picturesque surroundings of Dinant, Liège, Namur and the Ardennes.
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