Adriaen Coorte

The painter Adriaen Coorte, ca. 1660 – ?
The life of Adriaen Coorte
Adriaen Coorte was born between 1659 and 1664 in IJzendijke as the second son from the marriage of Cornelis Coorte and Petronella van Goch. His father was a registrar in IJzendijke. After his father’s death, in 1675 the family left for Middelburg. In 1680 Adriaen left for Amsterdam where he worked in the studio of Melchior d’Hondecoeter. From 1683 to 1707 he was a painter of small still lifes in Middelburg.
The work of Adriaen Coorte
Adriaen made his, mostly, small still lifes with oil paint on paper on panel. This was not customary in the 17th century. He made use of the incidence of light on his protruding compositions against a dark background. Adriaen mostly used fruit, vegetables and shells.

At the end of the 1950s, Adriaen’s work was only rediscovered and appreciated again.
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