Aelbert Cuyp

The painter Aelbert Cuyp, 1620-1691
The life of Aelbert Cuyp
Aelbert was born on October 20, 1620 in Dordrecht and was the son of Jacob Cuyp, a landscape painter. His father taught him the art of painting. Aelbert was not only a painter but also a draughtsman and printmaker.

In 1658 Aelbert married the widow Cornelia Bosschman, she already had 3 children and together they had another daughter.

After 1660  Aelbert was given various functions in the Reformed Church and the financial situation improved so much that Aelbert did not paint much anymore. At that time he was one of the wealthy families.

Aelbert Cuyp died on 15 November1691 and was buried in the Augustinian Church in Dordrecht.
The work of Aelbert Cuyp
Because his father taught him how to paint, it was not surprising that Aelbert also inherited his fathers love for animals and landscapes. After 1650 Aelbert developed his own style. While he had never been in Italy he developed a sunny Mediterranean atmosphere with river views with in the foreground often the ordinary people depicted with riders. Although not to Italy, he has made 2 study trips. The first trip was in 1642 to Rhenen, Arnhem, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Leiden and The Hague. The second trip was 1652 from Arnhem, Nijmegen, Elten, Emmerik, Kleve and Kalkar.

In the 18th century the work of Aelbert Cuyp became known in England and there he became very popular. Many of his works are on display in England.
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