Aert van der Neer

The painter Aert van der Neer, 1603-1677
The life of Aert van der Neer
Aert was born in 1903 in Gorinchem. His parents were Aegron Aertsz from Bosch and Aeltge Jans from Gorcum.

In 1629, in Amsterdam, Aert married Lysbeth Goverts, sister of painter Camphuysen. Together they had 5 children including Eglon. Eglon also became a painter but made more portraits in contrast to his father Aert. Aert was a landscape painter and draughtsman. The son of Eglon, Aert van der Neer the youngster, followed in the footsteps of father and grandfather and also became a painter.

Aert did not earn enough from his paintings and to earn an income he became innkeeper in 1659 of the Graeff van Hollant in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. In 1662 this winery went bankrupt.

In his last years Aert van der Neer did paint again but he died on 9 November 1677 in poverty in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam.
The work of Aert van der Neer
Aert was a landscape painter who made many paintings in the twilight/moonshine of rivers and water features invented by himself. He crossed the landscapes between the Meuse and the Rhine and came to Dordrecht regularly where he became friends with Aelbert Cuyp. In order to make Aert’s paintings more lively, Aelbert Cuyp painted figures and animals on Aert’s paintings.

In 1652 Aert painted the fire of the town hall in Amsterdam which todayis on show in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Aert van der Neer has left about 150 works. In the Hermitage in St. Petersburg there is a large collection.
A masterpiece by Aert van der Neer on your wall?
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