Francesco Guardi

Francesco Lazzaro Guardi – 1712 – 1793
The life of Francesco Lazzaro Guardi
Francesco Guardi was born on October 5 in 1712 in Venice. His parents are Domenico Guardi (1678-1716), a Baroque painter, and Maria Claudia Pichler. She comes from South Tyrol. Francesco has an older brother, Giovanni Antonio (1699-1760) and a younger brother Niccola (1715-1786), both also painters. His sister Cecilia marries Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, a well-known rococo painter.  The family was of lower nobility from Trentino. After the death of their father, they inherit the studio.

On February 15 1757 Francesco married Maria Mettea Pagani, daughter of painter Matteo Pagani. Their 1st son was born in 1757 and is called Vincenzo. Their 2nd son, Giacomo was born in 1764. Giacomo later became a painter as well. The family lives on the Campiello de la Madonna, Cannargio in Venice.

Francesco died in 1793 in his native Venice.
The work of Franceso Lazzaro Guardi
Francesco’s eldest brother teaches him the trade and together they make many so called “veduta’s”, detailed paintings of cities and other views in and around Venice. Usually in large formats. The 3 brothers also make many large religious paintings. Together with his brothers Francesco is one of the last representatives of the classical Venetian School.

On September 12, 1782, Francesco Guardi was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In the same year he was asked to make a number of paintings commissioned by the Ventian government. This is the result of a visit by the Russian archdukes. Fransesco’s way of painting is already described as ‘Pittura di Tocco’ or Painting with a light touch. Francesco uses small dots and lively brushstrokes.
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