George Hendrik Breitner

The life and work of George Breitner 1857-1923

The life of George Breitner

George Breitner, born in Rotterdam, started his study at the University of The Hague in 1876 and after ending his study he worked at the atelier of Willem Maris for one year. In this beginning the painter George Hendrik Breitner was influenced by the work of the painters of the The Hague School. He labeled himself as ‘painter of the people’ and preferred models from lower classes, like laborers, maids and inhabitants of folk districts.

When George Breitner moved to Amsterdam in 1886, he started to capture the citylife in sketches, paintings and pictures. Sometimes he approached his subject from different angles and in different weather conditions. Some pictures were used as a study for a painting, but sometimes just for the use of common studymaterial.

The work of George Hendrik Breitner

Breitner was assigned to the Amsterdam Impressionism. Breitner tried to capture a pure and naked actuality, for which Amsterdam appeared to be a perfect spot. George Breitner himself did not take ‘pure actuality’ very serious though. For example he camouflaged reality when that suited him, and sometimes even complete buildings were dropped when he painted streetscenes.

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