Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os

The life and work of Georgius van Os 1782 – 1861

The life of Georgius van Os

Georgius was born in The Hague on 20 November 1782 as the son of Jan van Os, painter and poet, and Susanna de la Croix, daughter of Pieter Frederik de la Croix, also painter. Georgius is the younger brother of Pieter Gerardus van Os, painter and Maria Margaretha van Os, painter of fruit and flowers. His father taught Georgius the art of painting. The Van Os family is a large family of painters in which Georgius excels.

The work of Georgius van Os

Georgius is best known for his flower arrangements just like his father but also had the mastery of landscape painting. In the book of Jan Kops called ‘Flora Batava’, Georgius took care of the extensive illustrations, which taught him to paint in even more detail.

In 1809 Georgius van Os received the first prize of the society Felix Meritis in Amsterdam and in 1812 he received a gold medal at Salon de Paris. Georgius stayed in Paris until 1816 and then in Amsterdam. In 1822 Georgius settled permanently in Paris and started working at a porcelain factory in Sèvres. Here Georgius works with Sauvage.  In the summers Georgius stays mostly in Haarlem. When Georgius exhibited in The Hague in 1843, the queen bought 3 flower paintings from him. At that time Georgius already received considerable sums for his works of art.

Georgius was a member of the Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam and a knight of the Leopold Order and the Dutch Lion.

Van Os died in Paris on 24 July 1861.

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