Hendrik Voogd

The painter Hendrik Voogd , 1768-1839
The life of Hendrik Voogd
Hendrik Voogd was born in Amsterdam on July 10 1768.

In 1783 Hendrik studied at the City Academy in Amsterdam, where he was apprenticed to the painter of wall hangings Jurriaen Andriessen. Hendrik becomes a painter and printer.

When Hendrik, with the financial support of the art collector D. Versteegd, leaves for Rome in 1788 to become proficient in landscape painting, this is forever. During his life Hendrik became friends with Nicolas-Didier Boguet, Johan Christiaan Reinhart and Johan Martin von Rohden. He dies in 1839 in Rome.
The work of Hendrik Voogd
In his early days Hendrik Voogd drew many sketches with pencil and black chalk and his paintings with coloured wax. Hendrik is influenced by Claude Lorrain and is nicknamed “the Dutch Claude Lorrain”. Henry experiments with light effects and lush foliage. Since 1806 Hendrik has been painting and drawing cattle prominently in the foreground.
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