Jacob van Ruisdael

Jacob Isaacksz. van Ruisdael, the painter (c. 1628-1682)

The life of Van Ruisdael

Jacob, born in Haarlem, started painting at an early age. His first work dates from 1646. Besides being a painter, Ruisdael was also a doctor. Ruisdael was probably taught by his father, but his uncle, the artist Salomon van Ruisdael, must also have been of great influence.

The work of Van Ruisdael

Jacob painted not only forest landscapes with large central motifs – ruins, watermills, oaks – but also city and seascapes. Ruisdael’s compositions are often more impressive than reality. Ruisdael travelled to find inspiration for his paintings and made many drawings. Some of his etchings are also known. Around 1656 Jacob van Ruisdael moved to Amsterdam. There he lived and worked until his death in 1682.

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