Jan Asselijn

Until now it is still unknown where the famous painter Jan Asselijn was born. Dieppe, Utrecht and Keulen are named. Estimated is that Asselijn lived in Amsterdam from 1621, where he was a student of Jan Martszen de Jonge or Esaias van de Velde. The earliest known work of Asselijn dates from 1634. Asselijn leaves for Italy where he lived in Rome around 1635-1644. Over where he joined the ‘Bentvueghels’, an association of mainly Dutch and Belgium artists. These artists named Asselijn ‘Crab’, referring to his crooked fingers with which he hardly could hold a brush and palette.

Jan Asselijn lived in the city of Lyon in 1644-1645 where he married Antonette Huwaart. Asselijn returned to Amsterdam in April and July 1647 where a child of him was baptized in the New Church. In Amsterdam he teached Frederik de Moucheron and got to know Rembrandt van Rijn. Jan Asselijn painted the breaking of the dike of St Antonie in March 1651. On September 28th. He made up his will and passed away only two days later on the first of October in the year of 162.
The work of Jan Asselijn
From Jan Asselijn, an Italianist, several genre pieces, landscapes and animal paintings are known. Indubitably The threatened Swan is his most famous painting.