Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer is one of the most famous painters from the 17th century and he created an impressive amount of masterpieces. Many paintings however were attributed to other painters and the paintings of Vermeer were hardly appreciated and recognized as his for a long time. Only in the seventies of the 19th century Johannes Vermeer was rediscovered and since then 35 paintings are attributed as “ Vermeer’s”. Vermeer always lived and worked in Delft. As a silk workers son he was active in the trade of art, just like his father. Possibly Vermeer was a student of Carel Fabritius from the same town. In 1653 Johannes he became a member of the artist guild of painters, which he led for several years.

The work of Vermeer
Johannes Vermeer distinguished himself as an artist with inimitable but also subtle use of colours, an impressive use of lightfall and perfect compositions. Vermeer preferred using ultramarine, lead-tin-yellow and expensive pigments. His work contains timeless and modest moments, genre paintings, history paintings, allegories and cityscapes wherein the influence of the Caravagists of Utrecht is visible.