Paulus Potter

The life and work of Paulus Pietersz Potter 1625 – 2654

Paulus Potter, born in 1625, was baptized in Enkhuizen on 20 November 1625 as the son of Pieters Symonsz Potter, an unknown painter, and Aechtie Pouwels, from the elite. Aecthies brother is also a painter.

In 1628, the family moved to Leiden for a short time before moving to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, Paulus learned the painter’s trade in his father’s workshop and studied under Pieter Lastman and Nicolaas Maoyaert. In 1646, Paulus initially joined the Guild of Saint Luke in Delft but he decided to move to The Hague where he rented a house from Jan van Goyen at 17 Dunne Bierkade and registered with the Guild of Saint Luke there. Paulus Potter also met his wife Adriana van Balckeneynde in The Hague. They married on 3 July 1650. They had one daughter who died of tering at the very young age of three and a half years. Like his mother, Paulus Potter’s wife is also of very good family background. Because of this, Paul is introduced to the elite by his father-in-law. Members of the House of Orange bought various works by Paulus.

The work of Paulus Pietersz Potter

Initially Paulus painted history paintings like his father, but he switched to painting cattle in typical Dutch landscapes. Paulus was thus given the nickname ‘Beast Painter’. On 1 May 1652, the family moved to Amsterdam at the invitation of Amsterdam’s mayor, Nicolaas Tulp.  Nicolaas was very impressed with Paulus’s work.

On 17 January 1654, Paulus dies a wealthy man of TBC. He is buried in the Nieuwezijds Chapel in Amsterdam.

Paul is one of the most famous Dutch painters from the Golden Age.

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