Rembrandt van Rijn

The life of Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn, born in Leiden on July 15th 1606 in the Weddesteeg as the ninth son of Gerritsz van Rijn and Neeltgen Willemsdr. Van Zuytbrouck, is one of the most famous painters and etchers in the European art. Rembrandt was the most important Dutch master of the 17th century. In total he painted over 300 paintings, 300 etches and 2000 drawings.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn called himself mainly a portrait and history painter. He produced hundred painted and twenty etched self portraits, which gives a clear view of his appearance and an idea of his feelings. Beside his son Titus van Rijn and his wife Saskia van Uylenburgh, his housekeepers and girlfriends Geertje Dircx and Hendrickje Stoffels appear in his paintings, modeling mythological and historical figures.

The work of Rembrandt van Rijn

In the year of 1629 Rembrandt started to work with contrasts and got interested in lightfall. After 1640 a retrench is visible and in the fifties of that age the colours became richer and his brushstrokes came forward, they became stronger. The work of Rembrandt van Rijn has a baroque style. Despite the fact he never travelled to Italy, his works show a great influence of the caraggivism. In his work sharp contrast are visible, Rembrandt is almost playing with light and dark parts in an extraordinary way, causing vivid and dramatic scenes.

A masterpiece of Rembrandt on your wall?

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