Floris Verster

The life of Floris Verster
Floris Verster was the son of Abraham Florentius Verster van Wulvenhorst, administrator at the Rijksmuseum of Natural History in Leiden and also a wellknown ornithologist and drawer.

The painter Floris Verster was educated in drawing by Gerardus Johannes Bos and George Hendrik Breitner. Breitner was working for a short time as a teacher in Leiden in the winter of 1878-1879. Verster continued his education at the Royal Academy of living art in The Hague between 1880 and 1884. Over here he studied together with other famous painters such as George Breitner, Isaac Israels and Willem de Zwart. After his graduation he was a pupil of Amedee Bourson in Brussels for a short time. It was in Brussels where Floris Verster met Jan Toorop, James Ensor, Guillaume Vogels and more legendary members of the avantgardish group of artists calles Les Vingt. Influences by these members are reflected in the work of Floris Verster.

In 1891 Floris Verster joined the Salon of Les XX in Brussels. Verster shared his atelier with his brother-in-law Menso Kamerlingh Onnes. In 1892 he married Menso’s sister, Jenny Kamerlingh Onnes. They settled on the estate of Groenoord, just outside Leiden. It was here where Floris Verster died in 1927, he drowned in the pond in his backyard.
The work of Floris Verster
Versters work is quite rough and he uses fierce colours. From 1888 his exuberant work of still lifes with flowers and landscapes was successful in the avant-garde at that time. Between 1892 and 1900 he mostly produced drawings using crayons, but after 1900 he picked up painting again.
A Dutch masterpiece by Floris Verster
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